I’m a Brazilian activist, based in London, who produces visual content to give visibility to the LGBTQ+ community. I have a belief in giving people the opportunity to express themselves authentically in pursuit of equal rights by sharing different perspectives on gender and race

I began to feel a sense of community when I started to see that it was possible to express my gender, without it being dictated to me. We have been taught to fear the things that could potentially set us free.I don't care about society's expectations, i don't care about gender norms, i just want to be me.

The power I have in my mind was always here, but silenced. Finding my self-expression gave me a voice. I want to use my voice to speak to the ones as privileged as me, and to give opportunity and hope for the ones ahead to come, for future generations to live and express themselves authentically and freely. The continuing legacy of the LGBTQI+ community is that we are not just fighting for ourselves, but for everyone.

We all have a responsibility to create an environment for our young people to carry on growing where they can be themselves, and not fear people who are different to them. Rather than fostering fear and confrontation, we can show leadership by demonstrating that it’s ok to be yourself, we’re all unique and entitled to love who we want, the way we want.

I’ll never stop being me.

asafe ghalib